December 10, 2023

Papaya’s “Winning Challenge” initiative is a community platform that allows participants to compete in a prize-winning challenge competition. This initiative aims to alleviate stress for children and families who have been evacuated from their homes in the Gaza envelope. Many families from Netiv Ha’asara, Zikim, and Ofakim have been displaced and are currently staying in hotels across the country.

Families from the Gaza envelope settlements can register for the initiative and receive a kit from Papaya that contains all the necessary materials to participate in the challenges. Each day, Papaya sends out two fun challenges to the participants, along with an instructional video. The activities are divided into age groups to create a fun and competitive atmosphere.

Yogev Malka, a finalist and winner of “Ninja Israel,” will be hosting the project and personally handing out prizes to the children and families.

During the early days of the war, Papaya supported the effort by providing essential kits to IDF fighters and volunteering with the security forces. The company’s employees and managers also volunteered to help farmers in the south to maintain agricultural areas.

Oriel Bachar, the founder and CEO of Papaya, expressed the company’s decision to create this special activity for Israeli families in the Gaza envelope and the home front. He emphasized the importance of togetherness, especially during such a challenging period. The initiative has already brought moments of happiness to 300 participants, and Papaya hopes to continue uplifting the morale of more citizens in need of a break.