February 22, 2024

Joe Biden’s reëlection effort greeted its best week in a long time. The economy was doing well, with the stock market breaking records and prices coming under control. Paul Krugman declared, “The war on inflation is over. We won.” Donald Trump tried to take credit for the economy’s performance but didn’t get much traction. In other news, a New York jury ordered Trump to pay eighty-three million dollars for defaming E. Jean Carroll and criminal trials await him. The U.S. economy is performing strongly compared to other wealthy nations, showing signs of an extraordinary transformation. However, polls show deep dissatisfaction with the current regime due to high inflation and concerns about the flood of migrants at the southern border and wars in Ukraine and Gaza. Some liberals see Trump’s continued strength as evidence of America’s reactionary turn. Biden needs to strategize his reëlection campaign by focusing on the nation’s progress under his Administration and the destructive potential of a second Trump term. He needs to turn up the volume.