December 10, 2023

According to a new poll conducted by Dr. Gal Yaabetz from Bar-Ilan University, Jewish Israelis trust IDF spokesman R-Adm. Daniel Hagari more than Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The poll, which surveyed 505 Jewish Israelis, found that less than 4% of respondents trust the prime minister to deliver the news, while 73.7% chose Hagari. This disparity is consistent with other public opinion research, with only 29% of Israelis thinking Netanyahu is qualified to be prime minister.

The poll also found an increase in news consumption among Israelis since the start of the war, with more than 60% of respondents reporting that they are consuming more than 3 hours of news a day, compared to less than one hour per day before the war began. In addition, about 73% of respondents said they have joined or downloaded Telegram since the war began.

When asked to give the main reasons for consuming news during the war, most Israelis (57.4%) said they do so to “stay informed,” while 23% said they do so for their personal sense of security. About half of respondents have turned to new channels to get their news, reflecting a significant shift in news consumption habits among Jewish Israelis.