November 30, 2023

The dispute over judicial reform is a distant memory for the almost 100% reserve unit operating the IDF’s targeting command in Nahal Unit, Gaza. IDF Maj. “Y,” a former start-up employee and mountain running trainer, is committed to seeing the Gaza conflict to its conclusion, he told The Jerusalem Post during a recent visit to the targeting center near the southern border.

Blue, green, red, brown, and many other different colors flash on Y’s screen, signaling different sets of forces in the field. The targeting command is an essential part of the IDF’s integrated revolution, helping select the exact right attack mechanism, depending on nearby sensitive sights and civilians.

Y discussed how various infrastructure, flagged on his electronic map, can aid IDF troops in locating tunnel positions. This information is crucial for both preliminary maneuvers and taking out a target under Y’s approval.

He also mentioned that the IDF’s distance from forces and munitions is always changing depending on the intensity of the fighting. The targeting center is overseen by the IDF international law division to ensure strict guidelines are followed.

Despite being governed by strict directives, the targeting command has incredibly powerful and deadly effectiveness. Y explained that attacks are called off regularly to avoid hitting nearby Palestinian civilians, in observance of basic morality and international law.

The integration of the targeting command with the IDF AI center, combined with a full integration of air and naval forces, has led to a remarkable result of under 50 IDF deaths in Gaza compared to many thousands of deaths on the side of Hamas.