February 24, 2024

A former foreign minister of Qatar once stated that Qatar doesn’t have enemies and they talk to everyone. This is the policy that Qatar has been pursuing over the last thirty years to become a major player on the world stage and it has been successful. Qatar played a crucial role in negotiating the deal that led to the release of a group of hostages held by Hamas. It had already successfully negotiated the release of several hostages before, and Qatar’s Prime Minister stated that negotiations on the release of all the hostages were progressing.

However, the Biden administration’s close collaboration with Qatar has faced opposition, particularly following Qatar’s statement blaming Israel for the escalation caused by the Hamas assault. Critics have also mentioned Qatar’s financial support of Hamas, with reports of large sums of money being funneled to the group annually.

Qatar’s foreign policy has been seen as contradictory, with the country aligning itself with the US while also supporting hardline Islamists in the region. Despite this, Qatar has been an important ally to the US and played a significant role in various diplomatic efforts, including hosting meetings between the US and the Taliban.

As a result of its valuable partnerships and contributions, Qatar was granted the status of Major non-NATO ally by the US, signifying a closer relationship between the two countries. Qatar’s ability to maintain relationships with a wide range of global players while being a strategic partner to the US has placed it at the center of world affairs.