December 10, 2023

United Hatzalah volunteers met with two siblings last week who they helped save during the October 7th massacre.

The two siblings, Itamar and Raya, were among the many people who received treatment and were transported to hospitals by United Hatzalah EMTs, paramedics, and doctors. The two, who are still hospitalized, were visited by the ambulance crew and first responders responsible for their rescue.

“There is no one like United Hatzalah; without them, I wouldn’t be here today,” said Itamar.

Ari Gartenhouse, a volunteer who completed his medical training just before the Sukkot holiday, stated “We found the brothers severely injured and quickly performed necessary life-saving actions on their wounds, and then urgently evacuated them to Soroka Hospital.”

United Hatzalah teams organizing medical supplies at a staging area in southern Israel. (credit: UNITED HATZALAH‏)

‘It’s very gratifying to see that they’re recovering’

Moshe Cohen, the ambulance driver who transported Raya to the hospital, and Eliezer Maklev, who transported Itamar in his personal car, added “We performed life-saving treatments and stabilized their condition in the field. Immediately after that, we evacuated them from the area that was under fire and transported them to the hospital. It is very gratifying to meet them afterward and see that they are recovering.”

Over 1,500 United Hatzalah volunteers took part in rescue efforts on October 7.