December 10, 2023

Since the war between Israel and Hamas began, there have been a shocking 1,518 antisemitic incidents in France, leading to the arrest of 571 individuals, including about 120 foreigners. Of that total, roughly 50 have been placed under administrative detention. There are currently 330 ongoing investigations into these incidents. In the United States, there has been a 316% increase in antisemitic incidents since the start of the war, with a total of 832 documented cases. These incidents include 632 cases of harassment, 170 incidents of vandalism, and 30 physical assaults. Additionally, during 653 pro-Palestinian demonstrations, around 200 incidents of support for Hamas or violence against Jews or Israel were observed. In Toronto, the Jewish community has experienced a 132% rise in hate-related incidents, including threats, defacement of symbols, and protests near Jewish institutions. The United Kingdom has also seen a troubling 512% increase in antisemitic incidents, with 1,124 recorded since the war began, including 55 physical attacks and 112 threats.