November 30, 2023

The Shin Bet and the IDF disclosed a video showing Hamas bringing back two foreign hostages, a Thai man and a Nepalese man, to Al-Shifa Hospital on October 7. One video shows Hamas terrorists dragging a man into the hospital entrance against his will. Another video shows a man on a stretcher who appears to have been wounded in his chest. The IDF did not identify which foreign hostage appeared in each video but said that the videos were obtained by internal hospital footage. The IDF indicated that the videos were clear evidence that Hamas used Shifa as an operations center connected to the October 7 attacks on Israel’s South and the taking of hostages. In addition, the IDF had already shown that it found bodies of Israelis killed on October 7. IDF R.-Adm. Daniel Hagari revealed that intelligence has shown that Israeli hostage, Noa Marciano, was killed in Shifa. This is in contrast to Hamas’s narrative that she was killed by Israeli airstrikes.