February 26, 2024

Two individuals, Allen Todd (23) and Zachary Shipman (25), who were allegedly involved in a violent altercation on the Montgomery riverfront, turned themselves in to the authorities on Wednesday, according to statements from the Montgomery Police Department. The incident, which resulted in a group of white men attacking a Black dockworker, Damien Pickett, has led to charges of third-degree assault being filed against Todd and Shipman.Originally anticipated to surrender the previous day, both suspects cooperated with the police, responding to the charges they face for their involvement in the brawl. Richard Roberts (48), the third suspect linked to the incident, was already under custody. Despite efforts to contact Todd, Shipman, and their immediate families, there have been no successful communications as of Wednesday.

Details regarding whether the accused have legal representation remain unclear at the moment. While additional charges related to the incident are anticipated to be brought forward by law enforcement, it has been clarified by Montgomery Police Chief Darryl J. Albert that hate crime charges are not likely to be among them.Montgomery Mayor Steven Reed appeared on MSNBC to address the situation, emphasizing the thorough investigation being conducted: “We are very intently looking at all facets of this case.” Allegations of racial slurs being used during the altercation have prompted heightened scrutiny. Reed further stated, “To see something like this happen in our city is problematic.”The incident unfolded as a group of white private boaters allegedly attacked Damien Pickett, a Black dockworker, while he was attempting to relocate their pontoon to accommodate the Harriott II Riverboat’s passage. The incident caused a delay of approximately half an hour, affecting over 200 passengers aboard the riverboat.

Furthermore, the family of a young white dockworker, also attacked by white boaters while operating a nearby vessel, has called for legal action against the aggressors. Videos capturing the altercation quickly spread on social media, revealing a clear division along racial lines among the individuals involved.In the aftermath of the brawl, 13 individuals were apprehended, questioned, and subsequently released, as indicated by the police chief. The ongoing investigation, involving the local FBI and district attorney’s offices, underscores the seriousness with which the authorities are addressing this incident.