February 22, 2024

The author of this piece interestingly illustrates how fashion is simply subjective, and with examples of fashion’s viewpoint such as Diana Vreeland’s quote “Pink is the navy blue of India”, André Leon Talley’s statement about a beauty famine, Karl Lagerfeld’s declaration about sweatpants, and Valentino’s revulsion at a woman’s ankle, we gain insight. Yet, just as sabermetrics changed baseball, data is revolutionizing fashion and bringing new tools to the trade. Enter Alexandra Van Houtte, the mastermind behind Tagwalk, a search engine that indexes runway looks. Through this tool, users can search for looks by a variety of filters almost immediately, providing a wealth of information at their fingertips. With a business model that caters to both smaller and larger brands, Tagwalk’s trend reports are a hit. The idea of fashion data, while in vogue, may have its drawbacks, but with indexes such as what’s trending up and down, and decisive surveys, it’s clear to see that we are on the cusp of a data-driven fashion revolution. Van Houtte delves into the minutiae of her fashion data, curating rich information about the hottest trends and brands, even down to the decrease in sneaker appearances on the runway, proving data’s value in the industry.