February 24, 2024

The killer of Shai Nigarkar and son Aviad Nir has been arrested by Israeli security forces, as reported by Israeli news site Ynet on November 26.

The father and son from Ashdod were killed outside the entrance to Huwara in the West Bank three months ago while they were cleaning their car. They had come to the area to repair the car’s air conditioner before going to a nearby car wash, where the terrorist identified them as Jews, shot them five times, and fled.

The owner of the carwash had been previously arrested by the IDF.

The terrorist was captured by the reserves regiment of the 645th brigade, who found him hiding behind a double wall after searching the house. He was found with an M-16 rifle, a Hamas flag, and nearby ammunition supplies.

Clashes in Jenin, terrorists killed

Clashes in Jenin continue, with reports by Maariv Online saying at least five terrorists have been killed in IDF airstrikes. The army also uncovered and destroyed an explosives workshop operating in the area.