February 24, 2024

Did you think the Kansas City Chiefs weren’t going to win the Super Bowl? While their offense struggled this season, and they entered the playoffs as a wild card, it was inevitable that the Chiefs would win. Despite being behind for much of the game, their victory felt inevitable given their previous Super Bowl appearances. As the Chiefs looked to begin their comeback, they suffered setbacks due to turnovers, but still managed to pull through. As a result, many people were rooting for the Chiefs to beat the odds and win the game. The Super Bowl this year was characterized by the showdown between the Chiefs and the Bucs, with Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes going head to head. The game also featured celebrities such as Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and Jay-Z, making it feel like an extended live advertisement. Additionally, the commercials during the game seemed particularly soulless, with stars endorsing different brands. Overall, the Super Bowl commercials this year felt out of touch and targeted toward people who used TikTok.