February 24, 2024

Music is a fundamental element in every culture, serving as a universal means of expressing our emotions, feelings, and beliefs. This depends not only on the cadences, decibel level and style, but also on your moral values. A new study from the UK and Italy has shown an amazing connection between individuals’ musical choices and their moral values, shedding new light on the profound influence that music can have on our moral compass. Published in the journal in PLOS ONE under the title “Soundscapes of morality: Linking music preferences and moral values through lyrics and audio,” the team of scientists at London’s Queen Mary University and ISI Foundation in Turin used machine learning techniques to analyze the lyrics and audio features of individuals’ favorite songs and discovered a complicated interplay between music and morality. “Our study provides compelling evidence that music preferences can serve as a window into an individual’s moral values,” Algorithms analyze acoustics and lyrics of songs. The breakthrough can pave the way for applications ranging from personalized music experiences to innovative music therapy and communication campaigns.