February 22, 2024

My last week’s article in the Jerusalem Post about the Golden Era for British Jewry being over and the need to consider their future has received strong responses. I’ve received hundreds of reactions, mainly agreeing with my sentiments. There are also reports from Jews in the US, Canada, France, Belgium, and South Africa about the prevalence of antisemitism in their countries.
Two responses made me realize the implications of my article. The first was from a man in his thirties in the UK, who has suffered verbal antisemitic abuse since the latest war broke out. He’s unsure about moving to Israel and asked me for alternative options. The fact is, we don’t have many options. Unlike during the Second World War, we now have a home in Israel.
The second response was from the editor of the column, who complimented my article and asked why it’s so hard to be a Jew. Being different is hard, as the Jews have been different for centuries. However, being unique and standing apart is a privilege and a responsibility that gives deep meaning to existence.
Despite being seen as different, we must remain unwavering in our convictions and proud of who we are. It’s a privilege to be a Jew, and we must never forget that.