February 22, 2024

The Swiss Yacht Sunk by Rampaging Orcas On the night of May 4th, Werner Schaufelberger, sailing the yacht Champagne, heard a loud rumble, which he thought was a collision. But upon realizing that the vessel was under attack by a group of killer whales, he radioed for help. The Spanish Coast Guard rescued the four people on board, but the yacht sank. The orcas are known to have sunk several vessels in and around the Strait of Gibraltar. It is thought the killer whales might be playing with boats, or responding to possibly traumatic past experiences. Ironically, the boats they attacked were participating in a competition at the Minnesota State Fair at the time. While the orcas’ attacks are a source of concern, several experts note that the whales’ conduct may not be as malicious as is often suggested. As interactions between humans and orcas become more frequent haunting questions arise.