February 24, 2024

On the 46th day of the war against Hamas, the IDF is conducting a large-scale ground operation in the Gaza Strip. Zvi Yehezkeli, the head of the Arab Desk at Channel 13, discussed Hamas’ mindset with Yinon Magal and Barak Seri on 103FM.

What were they thinking when they committed the horrific massacre on October 7?

Yehezkeli believes that Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar’s strongest instinct is to kill Jews. He also stated that as long as there is a political entity in the Gaza Strip, Hamas will always exist, and eradicating it is impossible.

What do you propose for the day after?

Yehezkeli warned that what has happened in Gaza could also happen in the West Bank and that Palestinians are prepared for a zero-sum game with Israel. He emphasized the significance of jihad for the Palestinians and the possibility of conflicts spreading to other regions.

Does witnessing the ongoing events in Gaza not make them think twice?

According to Yehezkeli, Hamas and the Palestinians are not concerned about the welfare of their people. He also stated that the Palestinians view the Jews as merciful, contrasting it with their own inclination towards violence.

Yehezkeli concluded by predicting a strategic change in the State of Israel and suggested that the conflict will not be limited to Gaza, but will spread to other regions, including Judea and Samaria.

Are you saying it makes no impression on them?

Yehezkeli believes that ending the conflict in Gaza in a decisive manner would make the Palestinians step back and take notice of Israel’s strength.

What is beyond nature?

He suggested that the complete removal of Palestinian refugees from the Gaza Strip would be a bold move for Israel, even if it means resettling them in other countries.

How is Dahlan? Is he planning to return to Gaza?

Yehezkeli indicated uncertainty about the future plans of Dahlan, a prominent figure in the Gaza Strip.

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Amitai Doak, 103fm