February 22, 2024

Hezbollah’s Outdated ApproachStill, while Hezbollah’s recent attacks on Israel may have expressed solidarity with the Palestinians, they have ultimately been unable to weaken Israel’s resolve. This approach has led to significant damage and has only complicated the situation further, prolonging the suffering of the Palestinian people. In this sense, Hezbollah has failed to fulfill its duties in terms of media and diplomacy, ultimately undermining the goals it claims to stand for.

Furthermore, by opening another front in Lebanon, Hezbollah has only exposed the weaknesses of the Lebanese army and the UNIFIL forces, failing to fulfill their responsibilities under UN Resolution 1701. This has resulted in significant damage to Lebanon, both in terms of human life and infrastructure.

The ongoing demonstrations against Israel’s recent aggression in Gaza have dominated global headlines. However, the results of a recent poll in the US, in which 37% of Americans expressed more sympathy for Israel, have been met with skepticism. These findings are secondary to the significant military, economic, and political support received by Israel from its allies.

On the ground, Israel’s actions are driven not by public opinion but by the unwavering support of its allies. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Eli Cohen have expressed unwavering confidence in Israel’s ability to achieve its objectives. Despite global protests, Israel continues to receive backing on the global stage, which only strengthens its resolve in its ongoing conflict with Gaza.

Following the October 7 events, Israel garnered significant support from Western nations, boosting the government’s popularity and increasing its resolve in the ongoing conflict. However, the recent war in the Gaza Strip has been widely condemned for its brutal attacks on innocent civilians, crossing moral and ethical boundaries and resulting in criticism both within and outside of Israel.

In conclusion, while international support for Israel remains steadfast, and demonstrations against Israel’s aggressive actions continue, it is essential for the international community to hold Israel accountable for its actions and bring an end to the ongoing cycle of violence and destruction. Only then can justice be served for the innocent lives lost in this conflict.