February 26, 2024

I am excited to declare the opening of a new waiting list for those who have been unable to get on my regular list. If openings occur on the regular list, those on the new list will have the chance to move into an open slot after paying a transfer fee. The new list is intended for people who haven’t been able to get on my regular list or receive a response from me. I want to give these applicants hope, although openings on the regular list are rare.

Persons on the regular list must notify me at least once a month to remain on the list, or they might be removed and fined. New applicants often fail to complete the background check or submit all required documents, resulting in expulsion from the list. Anyone dropped from the list can apply for reinstatement by submitting a new application, along with a video explanation of why they didn’t follow the rules, and paying a fee.

In the past, it was easy to join the waiting list, but nowadays, the process is more rigorous. When I started the list, it struggled to gain traction until a famous actor signed up. My waiting list has gained popularity over time, and it even inspired a video game.

Being on my waiting list is a point of pride, and a secure spot as long as you keep up with your dues.