February 22, 2024

L.A. Is Lousy With Pitches—Unsolicited Ideas Proffered Los Angeles is inundated with unsolicited ideas. Friends of Lee Eisenberg, a well-known screenwriter and creator, had been tired of hearing him pitch his new Nuvet duvet cover idea. However, it’s now sold hundreds of items at a steep price. Traditional duvet covers have a design flaw, and his new design unzips on three sides. Eisenberg learnt about zipper-makers, flanges, and cotton variations from someone in Pakistan. He also bought a patent and learned a lot about textiles. His upbringing and entrepreneurial history have allowed him to succeed. He’s also received support and suggestions from friends in the business. Eisenberg’s wife, the journalist Emily Jane Fox, made suggestions as well, and famous friends helped promote the Nuvet on social media. A sale on his Shopify platform has made him pleased. He demonstrated how to use the Nuvet on Zoom, and it only took twenty seconds to close compared to the traditional four or five minutes. He hopes that the Nuvet will become as well-known as Kleenex.