February 24, 2024

Donald Trump faced travel issues making it to Iowa amid snow. From Palm Beach to Des Moines, he made a brief ninety-second video, saying “I’m leaving very shortly for your beautiful state.” Trump showed concerns about the inclement weather and delayed arrival, but was determined not to miss the four scheduled weekend rallies ahead of the Iowa caucuses. Despite Trump’s massive lead in Iowa polls, he emphasized the need for a “thundering victory.” The fervent crowds endured the harsh weather and long wait to hear Trump’s message. Bob Vander Plaats, advocating for Christ-like leadership, hinted that Trump’s victory didn’t seem as inevitable as the data predicted, setting the stage for a possible late-breaking surprise in the caucus results. Amidst adverse weather conditions, the caucuses not only carried significance in shaping the party nominee but also represented a test of Trump’s popularity in the state as a prelude to his possible presidential comeback. Announced speakers were delayed due to snowed-in planes, with uncertainties looming regarding voter turnout and the impact on Trump’s margin of victory. With Trump’s solo Fox town hall experience outshining the official debate between GOP candidates, potential endorsements, and continued loyalty from House Republican leadership generate mounting support for Trump as a presidential nominee. At a faith tour event in Iowa, Ben Carson rallied the crowd to revive faith and support for Trump, drawing biblical parallels to the election and framing it as the deep state against Donald Trump.