February 22, 2024

Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, wrote to Jill Biden and other leaders’ wives last week, claiming that a pregnant woman among Gaza abductees had given birth in captivity. However, IDF security sources contradict this, stating they currently lack information to confirm the claim. The Prime Minister’s Office maintains the information’s certification but refrains from providing details or verifying with the IDF and security establishment.

In the letter, Sara Netanyahu implored leaders’ wives to advocate for the immediate release of Israeli abductees and express maternal concern for the abducted children. She referenced rumors about a woman giving birth in Hamas captivity since the conflict’s onset. Despite these claims, aid organizations challenge the narrative, asserting there’s no evidence supporting the alleged birth. A joint statement from organizations supporting foreign workers urged a halt to the spread of baseless information, emphasizing the distress caused to the hostage’s family and the lack of evidence regarding the pregnancy or birth.

In response to the controversy, an IDF spokesperson stated that the army does not confirm details about a woman giving birth in captivity. The Prime Minister’s Office maintains the existence of evidence but remains tight-lipped.