February 24, 2024

In the early two-thousand, chapters of S.J.P. began to grow due to political disagreements among student activists over the situation in Israel and Palestine. Over time, N.S.J.P. was formed to support students, yet there was a strong decentralized spirit. S.J.P. chapters work to get universities to divest from and end relationships with companies that operate in or sell weapons to Israel. These chapters also work on connecting advocacy for Palestine with other leftist social-justice issues. Amid the growth of S.J.P. chapters, critics have emerged, resulting in students and the DePaul community to take action. After the letter, three private universities—Brandeis, Columbia, and George Washington—announced that they were suspending their chapters. Columbia also suspended its chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace, which similarly supports Palestinian rights and the B.D.S. movement.