February 22, 2024

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu emphasized the need for the United Nations to take further action in helping Palestinians who fled from the bombings of the Israel Defense Forces through the construction of tens of thousands of tents grouped in safe zones on Thursday. Netanyahu expressed that the UN and other global agencies have not done enough in creating shelters in Gaza. Netanyahu and the UN disagreed about the designation of space created by the IDF for Palestinians, with Netanyahu asserting that the UN has failed to acknowledge these areas as official safe zones.

Netanyahu urged Spain and Belgium’s prime ministers for support in the ongoing IDF operations aimed at expelling Hamas from Gaza. He accused Hamas of being a malicious enemy and a part of an axis of terrorism along with Iran, Hezbollah, and Houthis. Netanyahu also indicated that the death toll in Gaza was a direct consequence of Hamas’s use of civilian areas to shield themselves during the conflict.

Furthermore, he warned that failure to counter the terrorist group would have global implications. Netanyahu highlighted the importance of minimizing civilian casualties, emphasizing that it is vital to distinguish between Israel’s intention to reduce harm and Hamas’s deliberate attempt to maximize it.

Newly appointed British Foreign Minister David Cameron supported Israel’s efforts to combat Hamas while also underscoring the need to provide humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian population. Despite expressing solidarity with Israel, he emphasized the importance of demonstrating support for the Palestinian people. Cameron visited Kibbutz Be’eri and expressed great concern for the community after the tragic events that transpired on October 7, 2023.