February 24, 2024

Nearly half of British Jews are contemplating leaving the UK, driven by a rise in antisemitic incidents, according to a new survey. This comes from a recent survey conducted by Campaign Against Antisemitism, which found that 70% of the Jewish community are concealing their identity in response to the increasing hostility. The survey’s findings paint a grim picture of the Jewish experience in the UK today, with almost half of the respondents seriously considering emigration. Further exacerbating the community’s distress, a significant 70% of British Jews report they are less likely to show visible signs of their Judaism. The survey sheds light on the frequency of antisemitic encounters, with more than 60% of participants either experiencing, witnessing, or knowing someone who has faced antisemitism since early October. In a telling response to the current climate, 90% of the surveyed Jews would avoid city centers during major anti-Israel demonstrations. Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign Against Antisemitism, called for urgent action, emphasizing the need for law enforcement to address the community’s concerns and restore a sense of security.