February 24, 2024

The US is urging Israel to be more mindful of protecting civilians and limiting damage to infrastructure in any offensive in southern Gaza, according to senior US officials, marking a more direct approach to protecting Palestinians. This shift follows criticism, and the devastating consequences of the Israeli offensive in northern Gaza, with over 15,000 Palestinians killed and many survivors left homeless and without essentials such as food, power, and water.

US officials have been in talks with the Israelis regarding the offensive in southern Gaza, emphasizing the need to minimize displacement of persons and avoid attacks on vital infrastructure and humanitarian sites. The goal is to prevent further suffering and maintain a semblance of hope and humanity in the region.

The United Nations Secretary-General has described an extended truce as a “glimpse of hope and humanity,” but it is not enough time to meet the aid needs of the Gaza Strip. Efforts are underway to extend the truce, and aid deliveries are being conducted by the US military to support the relief efforts in the region.

The US is also advocating for an increase in aid deliveries to Gaza, with discussions about commercial contracts to ramp up the supply of essentials to the area. Overall, the focus is on maintaining humanitarian support and minimizing the impact of any further conflict in the region.