February 26, 2024

The Sigd annual national holiday ceremony was canceled due to the war, and only a few leaders participated in a small ceremony. The event usually hosts senior figures such as the Israeli president and the rabbis of the Ethiopian communities. Instead of the annual event, the Aliyah and Integration and Culture ministries created an online event. In honor of the holiday, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) published new data on the Ethiopian population in Israel. During 2022, about 1,680 people arrived in Israel from Ethiopia. 63% of the Ethiopian-origin population resides in the Central District and the Southern District. Ethiopian births are increasing each year, with 3,959 babies born to women of Ethiopian descent in 2022. Member of Knesset Dr. Tsega Melaku, a member of the Ethiopian community in Israel, spoke about the holiday, emphasizing its significance. The Sigd holiday holds deep cultural and religious significance, symbolizing a renewal of faith and commitment to God. It is observed 50 days after Yom Kippur, and has become a symbol of the Ethiopian Jews’ rich heritage and their integration into Israeli society, while preserving their unique cultural identity.