November 30, 2023

The son of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Yair Netanyahu, caused controversy on Saturday by posting critical content on his Telegram channel targeting the IDF, the courts, and the media. This occurred at the same time as his father’s press conference. In one post, he claimed that decisions made by the High Court of Justice had led to changes in the IDF’s rules of engagement at the Gaza border, enabling Hamas terrorists to approach the border fence. He also shared posts blaming the IDF for the failure on October 7, when Hamas terrorists attacked and kidnapped hundreds in the Gaza Strip. One of the posts alleged that female lookouts at the Gaza border had warned about Hamas provocations, but a senior commander threatened to put them on trial. The organization Brothers in Arms, representing IDF reservists, responded by telling Yair Netanyahu that his “malicious influence” was over and suggested that he should have stayed silent on the evening when the nation mourned the loss of eight soldiers.